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Hi, I’m Patricia D. Trenkler.

It is my belief and experience that every person has the capability to achieve wonders if they truly understand their potential and hidden skills. I help people discover their true skills and values that empower them to become great leaders. I assist them in finding clarity of mind and functional behavior.

With my ability to quickly cut through personal clutter and concentrate on root challenges that are preventing my client’s professional growth, I have made my name as one of the most effective and innovative executive coaches. By incorporating my over 20 years of experience as a psychological consultant and assessor for medium-sized and large companies, I’m able to readily identify the growing challenges and opportunities that leaders face.

“When working with my clients, my number one priority is to explore both possibilities and opportunities in the quest for organizational or individual potential. I strive to eliminate or reduce what gets in the way of great performance.”

With over 2 decades of experience of working as a psychological consultant and assessor in the field of leadership coaching and corporate culture change, I was able to test various leadership aspects with different methods. I believe that my passion and energy is infectious, encouraging and motivating. Whether it is instilling confidence in my clients or motivating them to believe in their skills, I use my insight and knowledge to convey the message clearly and with enthusiasm.

“Good leadership includes an underestimated multiplier effect – it influences one’s own performance and satisfaction/joy – and the lives of employees and their families.”

My personal experiences have taught me the importance of the right leadership. I know how disastrous wrong appointments or leadership mistakes are for the company and especially for the employees. Once I assess the whole situation and figure out the exact problem, I develop specific, measurable strategies that help my clients overcome their challenges in an entirely different and more empowering way. I support executives and high potential leaders by helping them create positive permanent shifts in their leadership for greater impact and maximized results.

In addition to my services as a leadership expert, I also offer certifications to coaches, psychologists, and writers to become certified job assessors.

Patricia D.’s top skill

People Development

Leadership Coach & Faciliator

implement goals & values

"You can not pass on anything that you have not developed in yourself yet"


With more than 2000 executives, whom I was allowed to accompany during change processes, assessments, team developments, the essence crystallized for me; especially the fundamental development of personality and the conscious shaping of relationships in the business area. And this includes many female leadership qualities (also known as EQ), conscious communication and clear strategies and procedures; these are the be-all and end-all for a well-functioning company.

My Vision

I envision my success in creating such programs that produce strong leaders and results for businesses. I want to develop and impact as many leaders and organizations as I can while ensuring that I stay true to my core values.

My Mission

I aspire to develop and transform leaders and teams who in turn transform their organizations and work towards achieving their organizational and personal goals. My aim is to develop authentic leadership skills and I am committed to you having the confidence you deserve and the results you desire.

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