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Choose to be extraordinary!

Behind every great musician or an outstanding athlete, there lies a coach that empowers them to achieve superior results. The same goes for leaders as well. They need to utilize coaching to optimize their strengths to become inspiring and successful leaders.

  • Is your team delivering what matters?
  • Do people love working for you?
  • Do you want to become a charismatic, efficient, and happy leader?

As a manager, you are under immense pressure every day. There is hardly any time when you’re not dealing with lengthy meetings, performance pressure, employees catching conflicts, and skeptical customers. There is no denying that increasing demands of the corporate world requires a leader to be more efficient. And smart! You decide every day how smart you are…

So, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you an extraordinary leader? If not then why?
  • Is there lack of adaptability and accountability in you?
  • Do you take the print work home with you and stay late all night to complete it?
  • Is the pressure of work affecting your professional and personal life?

What you need is a competent and reliable resource that has been in the business world with a “been there, done that” experience and has helped hundreds of leaders and people deliver extraordinary results in their businesses.


Patricia D. Trenkler is a successful entrepreneur, leadership expert, assessor, and author. She competes every day for people who want to lead a fulfilled life in their profession with the potential of their own personality.

“I want managers who support their employees with ease and a smile. Your employees should look forward to working with you!”

For many, Patricia is a source of applicable & effective solutions. Due to her very empathetic and humorous nature, she is capable of instilling leadership qualities in people such as confidence, communication skills, decision-making capabilities, accountability, and empowerment. As a psychologist and communication specialist, her analytical strength and an eye for the big picture empowers her to not only recognize blockages quickly and effectively but also solve them with unbelievable ease.

“I believe in developing individual potential and organizational performance. I focus on discovering the gaps in the personalities and putting actions into place to help them have more impactful roles as leaders.”

Patricia is complimented for her pragmatic approach and for fostering success by delivering one-on-one executive and leadership coaching services to corporate professionals. From recognizing the areas that need improvement to planning personalized plans, she is the best at helping leaders realize their full potential and individual goals.

What You Need to Become A Charismatic Leader?

Although Patricia is the best resource out there for you to become an inspiring leader, her services are only beneficial if you have:

  • Continuous thirst for knowledge
  • Courage & willingness for change in doing and thinking
  • Drive to dare new things
  • Will to expand your behavioral repertoire
  • Interest in people

Start Performing At Your Peak

If you want to know more about where you’re at today and your career goals moving forward, Patricia can help you with proven process tools and purposeful exercises to maximize your effectiveness as a leader and enhance your leadership skills.

Patricia is creating a generation of new leaders. With a better understanding that there is going to be a need of a new generation of leaders, she has started offering certifications for assessors as well.

Programs & Services:

Job Assessment Preparation Program “Finaly get that leadership position” – 5 Step Masterplan

First 100 Day Performance as fresh leader – design your performance to the best.

Advanced leadership training

NEW: Certification of job assessment coaches (profesional certification)

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